Mens Sensual Erotic Massage

Sensual Erotic Full body Massage

1 hour $200

This session allows you to drift off into an undisturbed blissful state, slowly arousing the energy within your body in a sensual and sublime way.   If you are looking for a mindful, sensual relaxation experience, then this session if for you.


Incorporating sensual  massage techniques with mindful and honouring attention given to your erogenous zones.

A quick chat before the session commences, will give you the opportunity to inform Marcella of your comfort zones. 

Q). Does the massage allow for me to Orgasm?

A). Yes, Orgasms produce endorphins that have been medically proven to help flush out the stress-related hormone, cortisol, leading to better sleep and deep relaxation.

Q). Will you be Nude in this Session? Do you offer Extras?

A). No to both, I focus this session around my skilled hands as the therapist and Bodyworker. If you are interested in a session where you can learn different ways to touch a woman’s body more intuitively with your hands, then the private workshop ‘Learn to arouse a woman with your hands ‘ may be of interest.

Curious to try a Prostate Massage? click here for more info

Learn to Arouse a Woman with your Hands Private Workshop + Men's Sensual Erotic Full body Massage
1 hour, 30 mins $300

This provides Clients the opportunity to experience 2-3 elements in one session.  Prostate massage is optional.


I created this workshop after requests from clients wishing to learn yoni massage.
so far, I have had only positive feedback after they went home to try out their new skills on their female partners.
I will show you a variety of clitoral massage techniques, including a very successful method for internal massage that i personally use for all my Yoni massage treatments.
We will also cover some ways to achieving a mindset where you do not feel under pressure to perform and you also feel relaxed and calm as you perform the yoni massage to me.

Its a simple formula to make a woman feel aroused. Trust + Relaxation = Arousal.

So how can i help?

I can teach you how to make her feel complete trust with your hands so that she will surrender to your loving touch.
Its my genuine desire to want to help you become a better lover to your partner, I will show you erotic bodywork techniques that have been tested and proven to make many women reach a more intense and satisfying full body orgasm. My wish is that you go home and make your female partner feel loved, honoured and aroused and bring back the intimacy that you both crave.

If you are ready to expand your knowledge of the female anatomy, then book in this Workshop today!

Its informative workshop includes practical teaching where your hands will be guided on Marcella, she will show you her most successful female anatomy bodywork techniques that she uses in her Ladies Yoni massage Sessions.  Feel free to ask questions, get advice and have open discussion.  If you have a willing Female partner then you should consider doing the Couples Learn the Art of Giving Yoni Massage to your Partner Workshop.