Are you in need to some tender loving touch in your life? Maybe you are feeling lonely? or seeking to learn how to create more orgasmic energy in your body?
This has been scientifically proven as having many health benefits as stated in this article.  

Human Touch is very important to our happiness and well being, Sensual and Erotic touch is also something that we can also crave and need in our lives.  
 For many people, simply receiving touch without having to give back can be a unique and enjoyable experience.

Massaging the whole body including the sexual organs has been done for centuries in Taoist Culture to provide holistic balance and well being.  Our sexual organs are not some strange part of us that we should feel embarrassment or disconnected with.  They are part of our entire body and also connected to major reproductive organs. Its  time to become more open minded and discover the benefits of sensual massage that can be incorporated as part of your holistic wellness program.

 Using a blend of swedish relaxation massage and erotic bodywork techniques, this experience is designed to allow you to relax and rest your mind. There is nothing for you to do except lie on the comfortable massage table and enjoy the magical touch to your entire body.

all sessions are ideal for first timers

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