Welcome to the very best of Adult Sensual Erotic Massage in Melbourne City.

Are you in need to some tender loving touch in your life? Maybe you are feeling lonely? or seeking to learn how to create more orgasmic energy in your body?
This has been scientifically proven as having many health benefits as stated in this article.  

Human Touch is very important to our happiness and well being, Sensual and Erotic touch is also something that we can also crave and need in our lives.
For many people, simply receiving touch without having to give back can be a unique and enjoyable experience.

Massaging the whole body including the sexual organs has been done for centuries in Taoist Culture to provide holistic balance and well being.  Our sexual organs are not some strange part of us that we should feel embarrassment or disconnected with.  They are part of our entire body and also connected to major reproductive organs. Its  time to become more open minded and discover the benefits of sensual massage that can be incorporated as part of your holistic wellness program.

Using a blend of swedish relaxation massage and erotic bodywork techniques, this experience is designed to allow you to relax and rest your mind. There is nothing for you to do except lie on the comfortable massage table and enjoy the magical touch to your entire body.


Sensual Massage Melbourne also offers Couples Sensual Massage Workshops, and solo sessions for Ladies & Men.  

Marcella is a professional bodyworker with over 7 years experience.  Feel free to contact her is you have any questions.

Highly rated Adult Sensual Erotic Massage in Melbourne City.

Curious to learn more? 

Benefits of Sensual and Erotic Massage   

The Benefits of a Tantric Massage


all sessions are ideal for first timers

Simply devine! So encouraging and guiding. We left feeling pampered.
A truly incredible service. Marcella is a wonderful person and fantastic practitioner. Very warm, friendly and very accommodating to all your needs. I would definitely recommend her to anyone and wish her all the best for the future.
Fantastic service. Highly recommended
Caring, soulful, intuitive and knowledgable Marcella pampers and sends you to a relaxing blissful zone. Thoroughly recommend her therapies. 🙂
Really positive experience. My fiance and I were a bit awkward at first but she has a very soothing energy that made us feel comfortable. She is a knowledgable and patient teacher, who catered well to our experience level and circumstances. 10/10
She is the best therapist , friend and companion out there I have never been to anyone good like her. I would recommend her 10000000 times to anyone and guranteed good time every visit.
Amazing experience
Marcella was truly professional and made feel comfortable and at ease from the start. A wonderful experience!
Very relaxing
I suffer from social anxiety and came to Marcella as a method of treating it. Marcellas combination of positive energy, soothing touch, and mindful guidance helped me feel comfortable and relaxed enough to cut through my anxieties and focus on myself. It really was an amazing experience, thank you so much for helping me.
I am an older man who is new to the experience of receiving touch from another person. Marcella made me feel totally at ease with everything. I felt cared for, comfortable and therefore willing and able to share things with her that enhanced the session. Thankyou so much Marcella.
Marcella is fantastic! Lovely to talk to, a total professional and really good at what she does. I highly recommend.
Great service and good communication
As a first timer to prostate massage you don’t really know what to expectMarcella communicated her intentions perfectly and with a superb massage was able to deliver an experience like no other in a wonderful relaxed surroundingDefinitely a repeat customer
A great experience having a truely lovely and caring professional display her skill. Body tightness and heavy feeling was relieved after the session with Marcella. I hope she reads the review just so I can thank her again.
A very relaxing and interesting experience. Marcella is a beautiful, gentle soul. Very professional and non threatening. She made everything feel so normal I wasn't nervous at all. Great facilities, you have a shower there before you start and at the end of the massage in a clean and well appointed bathroom. I've never done anything like this before so wasn't sure what to expect but the experience far exceeded my expectations. Certainly worth doing. Thank you Marcella. 5 Star
Marcella was EXCELLENT! She made us feel so comfortable from the minute we walked in. She explained the workshop splendidly. My partner and I truly felt connected and in harmony. I highly recommend her 2hr couple workshop!
Marcella is a lovely, warm and sensitive person. I would highly recommend her.
Awesome place and excellent service, Marcella is very professional about the session, and help me understand more about my own body and help me with my sexual spot. It made me feel good about my self. Clean place with a relaxing atmosphere, highly recommend
Would highly recommend the couples workshop on tantric massage. Helpful advice with patient and loving guidance. Some great techniques to take home with us and integrate into our life together. Thank you 🙏
Her warmth, technique, professionalism, kindness, and high emotional intelligence - especially when dealing with someone like me who doesnt have much- was fantastic, I felt very welcome 5/5
Best massage experience I’ve ever had! Fantastic in every way
What a great learning experience calming, thoughtful and professionalHighly recommend
Going to Touch By Venus is one of the best things I have ever done for my emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Marcella provides a safe environment to open up and feel supported. Her massage techniques are very professional. I felt so relaxed and alive afterwards. She has certainly helped me feel more in touch with my body and sexual self. I highly recommend Marcella’s service.
So, my wife and I have just been back, for a Post-Lockdown treat.Again, we have had a most wonderful experience. Marcella is so welcoming and kind to both of us. This is a must-do for all couples (oh, I said that before, didn't I!)Go on, treat yourselves, you can thank me later.We have just enjoyed our third couples' session with Marcella. Just like before, she is completely professional and her studio is excellent. But more than that, I am delighted at how comfortable and welcome Marcella makes us feel, and the care and attention she shows my wife, is wonderful. Marcella has helped us expand our understanding of intimacy and sensuality as a couple no end. This is a must do for all couples!And, still enjoying the homework ......
I would highly recommend, without thinking twice. Marcella is very generous, professional and understands the needs of her clients.
Marcella was very attentive and professional. She identified areas to work on and we both came away from the couples workshop feeling reconnected. Great service and excellent advisor and teacher.
Marcella is an absolute natural. She makes you feel comfortable right from first meeting, she listens with compassion and without judgement. Her touch is wonderful - calming, healing and enlightening all at the same time (have no idea how she does that). I would highly recommend Marcella for anyone that needs that special touch. Thank you Marcella.
Simply amazing. Marcella is from heaven.
Great relaxing time, very professional
Great massage and environment
Marcella was so nice and personable. I opened up to her so quickly. Her touch was gentle but also firm creating a great massage experience. I leave feeling more assured and more connected with myself. This is a late review but here it is. See you in the future Marcella
ALWAYS amazing energy..
I have been searching a long time for a professional massage studio that offers the best of both! I left the session feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated. Great experience, Would highly recommend when stress levels reach boiling point!
My Wife & I did the couples swedish massage workshop, our close friends gave us the Gift Voucher for Xmas. We would like to say thank you to Marcella for teaching us how to massage each other with more confidence and we really had a very enjoyable time learning from a friendly and professional Lady. We would recommend this experience for anyone and also as a Gift!
Don't know if I should thank you or not. We did the couple's course, and I haven't been to sleep partner, was practicing everything you showed us,and she has the devil's look in her eyes now seriously, thank you for being patient and letting us understand a bit more about each your work, and apparently we are coming back..kind regards,xxx