Smudge Stick California White Sage–Extra. Large / Jumbo–22cm –9″ Inches


Sold By: Ebay


As mentioned previously the cost of this item has risen due to wildfires in California and the exchange rate going down (Australian Dollar to the US$) However I now offer bulk discounts, where you can actually buy the product at a cheaper price than what was offered previously. This listing is for one ” EXTRA LARGE” white sage smudge stick. Approximately 75gr in weight and approximately 22cm long. I have seen this product selling for up to $45 in retail shops which I believe desecrates the meaning of what this herb is used for. I hope to be able to supply some people with a more realistic price. The one being sold is the picture is the top one, the other size shown is for comparison only. If you have any queries please telephone on 03 59 6655 65 or mobile 0416 280 815