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Handmade Set of 10 Chakra Balancing Cards. The cards have been laminated using a laminating machine. Your cards will not have watermarks on them. The word chakra comes from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit. The meaning of the word chakra is circle or vortex. It is believed that the chakras are vital points of energy throughout the body, this energy is part of our souls. According to Ayurvedic medicine each chakra represents different points of health within our body and in order to keep healthy we must spend time stabilizing and keeping our chakras in harmony. Each Chakra card has information about each specific Chakra including, location, what it is associated with, ways to open your Chakra, and affirmations associated with each Chakra. There are two additional cards that have information about the element, animal, herb, and crystals associated with each Chakra. The set also includes a cover card. You can use these cards to better understand each Chakra, help you open and balance your Chakras, and maintain a positive state of mind. Measurements approximate: Length: 11cm Width: 7.7cm The cards will come in a gift bag, they do not come with a box. Please note colours may vary slightly from screen to screen.