Satisfyer Pro 2 – Rechargeable Touch-Free Clitoral Stimulator – Next Generation


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Get the facts! Your must-read Satisfyer Pro 2 description

A worldwide best-selling toy, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is designed to help women achieve quicker, more intense and even multiple orgasms by delivering touch-free clitoral stimulation with unique air pulses.

Also known as the Next Generation by its former extended name, the Satisfyer Pro 2 uses innovative Air Pulse Technology to create oral-like sucking and massaging sensations that will send you to orgasm heaven.

The Pro 2 has an easy-to-hold curved handle made from beautiful rose gold-coloured durable ABS plastic and a soft silicone opening at the top that encircles your clitoris.

There are 11 exciting settings to explore using the simple button controls on the handle, and you can do so in the bedroom, bath or shower thanks to the Satisfyer Pro 2’s waterproof design.

The motor is quiet with your discretion in mind, so you can play any time, in any way!

How does the Satisfyer Pro 2 work?

It’s easy to experience the magic that millions are raving about with the Satisfyer Pro 2.

Simply hold onto the handle, spread open your labia, if needed, and place the Pro 2’s circular opening over your clitoris.

Apply gentle pressure to create a good seal – you can use some water-based lubricant on the rim of the clitoral stimulator opening to help with this.

Press the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the Pro 2. This activates the lowest of 11 intensity levels and the LED power light which will remain on during use.

Then use the + and – buttons to explore the Satisfyer Pro 2’s different intensity levels.

The pressure waves will feel even more intense underwater so you can elevate your session in the shower or bath.

When you want to turn the Pro 2 off, just press the power button for 2 seconds. 

How to clean your Satisfyer Pro 2

We recommend cleaning your Satisfyer Pro 2 before and after use.

Submerge your Pro 2 in water, then apply some toy cleaner, paying particular attention to the clitoral stimulator opening. This silicone opening can also be removed for more thorough cleaning.

Wait a minute or two then wipe off the cleaner with a fresh, lint-free cloth.

Store your Pro 2 in a cool, safe place, without direct contact with other toys.

How to recharge your Satisfyer Pro 2

Simply attach the magnetic charging points on included cable to the magnetic charging points on the Satisfyer Pro 2. 

Insert the other end of the cable into a suitable USB port.

The LED light will flash while the Pro 2 is charging and stay lit when it is fully charged.

Charge your Pro 2 fully before first use.


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