Kama Sutra Vanilla Creme Flavoured Body Dust


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Tickle and tease or nourish your skin with this versatile body dust, ideal for self-pampering and foreplay.

Use the included sexy feather applicator to dust this lightweight formulation onto your partner’s body and follow with kisses, enjoying the creamy vanilla flavour reminiscent of fresh baked sugar cookies.

You can also take advantage of the water-absorbing, skin-nourishing properties and use it as part of your daily regime, dusting onto your body before dressing to help you stay cool and dry. Just remove any excess if wearing light-coloured clothing to avoid staining. 

This highly versatile dust can also be used as dry shampoo by massaging a small amount at the roots for clean, voluminous and delicately fragranced hair. 

Contains no talc, paraben or gluten.


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