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Shop Search COCONUT OIL (FIJI) – COLD PRESSED (VIRGIN) – 100% ORGANIC Click here to view full size. Full Size Image Click to close full size. Item Description COCONUT OIL (FIJI) – COLD PRESSED (VIRGIN) – 100% ORGANIC NAME: COCONUT OIL (FIJI) – COLD PRESSED (VIRGIN) – 100% ORGANIC BOTANICAL NAME: Cocos NuciferaCOUNTRY OF ORIGIN: FijiMETHOD OF EXTRACTION: Cold Pressed, (Virgin) /UnrefinedPLANT PART: Coconut FleshSUGGESTED USE: External use only, cosmetic purposes, skin care, soap making, hair treatments, hair care, cosmetics manufacture etc. GENERAL:Coconut Oil is typically extracted from fresh flesh part which Cold Pressing. It is extremely high in “Good Fats” which is one of the primary reasons it is used around the world by so many people. It can last up to 2 years as it is slow to oxidize. There any many applications and uses for Coconut Oil, this is why it is such a prized oil around the world. NOTE 1: This Coconut Oil will go solid/hard in cold temperatures, typically below 18-20 degrees. This is an indication of its quality. This is due to the high level of “Good Fats” in the oil. If this occurs, the quickest way to melt it back into a liquid oil again is to pop the bottle into some hot/boiling water until it melts. NOTE 2: (This Coconut Oil product is Hexane Free. It is also NOT an “RBD Grade” Coconut Oil which stands for (Refined, Bleached, Deodorized). This oil is also NOT “Fractionated” Coconut Oil which means it’s been processed in order to remove the “Good Fats” from the oil, which stops the Coconut Oil from going solid as explained above in colder temperatures. About Us Payment/ Shipping Store Policies Education Quality Assurance About Us About Us: nakedpress is a Brisbane based Australian owned company that was founded in 2004. We are wholesalers that specialize in bringing high quality premium essential oils, carrier oils and related products to our clients. Naked Press sources oils from Australian farmers and processors and imports from around the world. As we are a high volume business you are guaranteed to receive fresh products. About Us Payment/ Shipping Store Policies Education Quality Assurance Payment/ Shipping Payment Instructions: Please pay for your item/ combined order within 72 hours after receipt of your invoice. If you need longer to pay please email us out of courtesy to let us know. Please do not leave us “Text” message in the PayPal interface as these are not checked. Payment Options: Bank Deposit: This is our preferred payment method. Please use your eBay name as the reference, and let us know via email when payment has been made, notifying us of payment via email will ensure the fastest possible shipping. We will ship the order when the funds are confirmed in our account, which usually takes 48-72hrs. Credit Card: Call 1800 551 953 with your credit card details during business hours 9am ? 5pm Monday – Friday. Your card details are safe and destroyed the moment the order has been processed. There is no storage of your information for security reasons. Shipping is usually the same or next day. Pay Pal: Credit Card payments though PayPal are instant, shipping usually the same or next day. However if you have set up your PayPal account using your Bank Account instead, (this is called and e-check) it can take up to 5 working days for PayPal to clear the funds from your account to ours. International Clients: If your are outside Australia please email us for a quote on international shipping for the item or an order you want to make with us. Please do not buy the item until you have received our quote. About Us Payment/ Shipping Store Policies Education Quality Assurance Store Policies Feedback/ Disputes/ Communication: Please kindly Remember To Leave Us Positive Feedback and! Our system is hard wired to leave you feedback as soon as the item is paid for, please return this courtesy and leave us our feedback promptly. This would be much appreciated. We pride ourselves on giving outstanding service to all our clients. Should we make the odd mistake (that is only natural) we believe all matters can be resolved fairly, up front, with open communication. Please contact us (1800 551 953) before leaving negative or neutral feedback so we can resolve the matter for you. We consider neutral feedback to be as bad as negative feedback so once again please allow us to resolve ALL matters positively as we will go the extra mile to ensure you have a positive buying experience with us. Please email us if there are any products that you would like to see us sell in our store. Dispute cases will be opened after 10 days for non-paying/ non responsive buyers in order for us to recover lost seller fees. Business hours: We will generally not reply to email over the weekends unless someone is in the office. Our business hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. We will generally reply to your questions within 24-48hrs, if it is longer than 72hrs please email us at [email protected] to let us know you haven?t received a reply. We may have sent it already or there could be a server down somewhere. About Us Payment/ Shipping Store Policies Education Quality Assurance Education About Us Payment/ Shipping Store Policies Education Quality Assurance Quality Assurance Quality Assurance: Why Quality is so Important? It is imperative to use only the best essential oils available; synthetics and compounded oils do not have the healing properties of the ?real thing?. Many oils are labeled as ?fragrant oil?, ?compounded oil?, or ?perfume oil?. These descriptions mean that the oil is synthetic or blended with either paraffin oil, a carrier oil or some other kind of diluting agent. Often alcohol and occasionally a small amount of vegetable oil, which are both good solvents for essential oils, are used to adulterate, stretch, or cut essential oils. All Naked Press essential oils, carrier oils and raw materials are tested with the latest and highest grade equipment available and to insure the highest levels of quality are upheld. We are happy to offer certificates of analysis ?COA?s? for all our oils on request. All our oils are batch tested and come with a batch number and best before date on the label. This acts as another form of quality control and tracking for batches of oil and is necessary for testing procedures. It is not recommended to ever buy essential oils from a company that can?t offer such fundamental assurances and controls. Helpful Links More Items! Frooition | eBay design, eBay store design, eBay shop design, eBay template design, eBay listing design This listing is currently undergoing maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience caused. 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