Free PDF ebook – Quick & Tasty Keto Recipes




This is a Keto Cook book for everyone!
We all love fast, fresh and tasty meals that we can prepare with a
minimum of fuss and not hanging out too long in the kitchen. I
heard you all loud and clear, that when it comes to meal time less
is more. So I went to work to create some beautiful dishes with
loads of flavour but all under 30 minutes prep time.
The recipes included are based on many family favourites.

Enjoy making dishes that are better than any of your favourite takeaway
meals, and delicious new versions of many of our old favourites as
All recipes are designed to suit the ketogenic lifestyle and contain
no grains, gluten or sugar.
With so many dietary lifestyle variations even within the keto diet, I
have included many ingredient options to help most of you enjoy
as many of the recipes within the book as you can.
Fresh, fast, tasty and simple recipes. I love eating. I love food, and I
love the keto lifestyle. If you are like me then you will be loving a
lot of new recipes as you work your way through them all.

From my kitchen to yours
Happy cooking!