Motivation: Holistic Fitness: How Develop Your Emotional Muscl by Tuchowska, Mar


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Motivation: Holistic Fitness: How to Develop Your Emotional Muscles to Achieve Success & Happiness in All Areas of Life Author:By Tuchowska, Marta Product Code:9781535368599 Format:Paperback,110 Pages Category:Self Help Published:18-Jul-16 Condition :Brand New synopsis: 944How to Develop Your Emotional & Mental Muscles to Unleash Unlimited Motivation You are just about to discover how to achieve a lifestyle you have always wanted and create a new, stronger version of yourself…You see…in most cases, it’s lack of emotional fitness and low self-esteem that are the reason why even smart, competent and talented people are not able to achieve a satisfying life, a life that should easily be possible for them…For most people, getting motivated and excited is not a big deal. There are tons of motivational materials out there. Unfortunately, what many of these materials may not help you with is how to actually STAY motivated even when problems, pain and rejection come up….Once you learn how to become stronger and follow your vision, motivation will come naturally.This is what this book is designed to help you with. You can now learn how to develop strong emotional and mental muscles so that your dreams can quickly become a reality. Your reality. Here’s Exactly What You Will Discover: How to Develop EmpathyThe Difference Between Motivation and Habits What Real Self-Confidence Is All About How to Actually Enjoy Being Yourself, Your Real Self and How to Love Yourself How to Start Enjoying Criticism and Use It to Motivate Yourself The Secrets to Achieving Your Goals Faster How Haters Can Help You Stay More Motivated The Truth about Excuses The Joy of Self-Discipline The Dangers of “I Just Wanna Be Happy Now” and the Main-Stream Self-Love How to Embrace Smart Sacrifices How to Stop Judging Others and Yourself What Success Really Is to YOU (not to me, your mom, your dad, or your dog, but to YOURSELF) What a Good Coach/ Mentor Really Is and How to Find Them The Undisputable Body & Mind Connection for Success and Fulfilment How to Cultivate Gratitude How to Move Forward and the Power of Compounding Automatic Motivation- How to Unleash It Ready to Get Started?Within less than two hours you will be equipped with new holistic personal development tools that will help you create a new, stronger version of yourself. Whether your dream is to create a healthy, fit body; change your career; go travelling; help your community; or start a business you need to invest in yourself and take good care of your emotional and mental muscles. This is what this book is designed to help you with. It’s your emotional gym, your mental muscle trainer that can help you be unstoppable. Order Your Copy Now and Invest in Yourself to Achieve the Life You Have Always Wanted SHIPPING & PAYMENT Return Policy Terms & Conditions SHIPPING & PAYMENT We prefer Paypal payments and immediate payment is required for this listing. If you do not have a Paypal account, please contact us. For some of our books, we also accept Bank Deposits from Australian Buyers. Please contact us so that we can set up a listing for you. All orders are shipped within two business days. Your item will be shipped direct from our Sydney Warehouse and should arrive within 3 – 10 business days of dispatch. 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