AYURVEDIC VATA HERB TEA 85g Parsley Cardamom Peppercorn Ginger Chai Withania




Ayurvedic Vata Tea 85g Certified Organic Black Peppercorn. Cinnamon. Ashwaganda. Ginger Root.Cardamom. Parsley Leaf. Beautiful caffeine free Chai.Vata tea consists of herbs which are soothing calming and slightly warming. Air and Ether balancing. The primary characteristics of the Vata metabolic type are changeability, unpredictability and variability – in size, shape, mood and action. Vata rarely suffers from inertia, their energy vacillates back and forth, their sleeping patterns are erratic, and they seek stimulating exciting activities. Most Vata’s are thin, moody and energetic. Many of them suffer from anxiety, fears or nervous disorders. The Vata dosha is located in the large intestine, pelvic cavity, bones, skin, ears and thighs. It is responsible for respiration and circulation. Vata is generally light, cold and dry. Your item will be processed in our office on the next business day. We ship from a rural area on Mondays and Thursdays so please allow up to 10 business days for your item to arrive.

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