Wicked – Ultra Silicone Unscented Lubricant (120ml)

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Really there are 1000’s of different lubricants available today that we don’t just have to settle for the basics anymore, we are actually spoilt for choice. So when you are looking for that something extra in your lubricant you can’t go past the wonderfully Wicked range. Silicone Based Lubes are ideal for when you are getting hot and heavy with your lover. The silky smooth feel and texture of the silicone lube feels great against and in your body. It doesn’t get sticky and is long lasting which you hope your session is going to be as well. Fragrance Free for anyone who doesn’t like any chemical smells or simple just likes things a little more natural. With no Glycerin or Paraben and it has not been tested on animals or has any animal by-products in any of the Wicked range. It has to make you feel even better about yourself and the products that you are using if you have the full knowledge that no animal has been harmed in bringing you a special product. With silicone lube it is best not to use it with any of your silicone toys, it is always best to use water based lube with toys unless stated otherwise and cleaning is easy with a little soap and water.Wicked Ultra Fragrance Free Silicone Base Intimate Lubricant is ideal for anyone who enjoys the silkiness of silicone lube and the added advantage of no fragrance. Silicone Based Lube Fragrance Free Glycerin and Paraben Free with No Animal Testing


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