Wicked – Toy Love Glycerin Free Sex Toy Lubricant (100ml)

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This is a lube for toy lovers! Or for any lovers. Use it on your body and all of your vaginal, clitoral, anal and nipple toys for fantastic pleasure every time. Slick and flawless, this is a water-based lubricant that is smooth, lubricating and just lovely to use whether you’re playing alone or with someone else. The texture is a fine gel, so it’s slightly thicker than a regular water-based lubricant but also thinner than goopy gels. This makes it ideal for use with toys, which do not naturally lubricate (like a partner would!), so that your toy is sleek and your intimate areas stay moist during use. The thicker consistency compliments your vibrating toys, creating a comfortable wet ride that enhances vibrations and sensations. As the Wicked – Toy Love lube comes in a great looking, pump action bottle, it’s extra convenient to use before and during your wildest play. The push-top is good for precise application, plus there’s no need to worry about accidentally squeezing out too much. Compatible with Your Entire Toy Box! The Wicked – Toy Love lubricates toys of all kinds. You can use it with all your regular rubber, plastic, silicone, glass, even latex and cyberskin toys. If you’re using multiple toys in one go, this is the lube for you. You can use your silicone anal toys, your glass dildos and even TPR plastic clitoral pumps all with one thick gel that will keep them in prime condition and keep you orgasming all night. Body Friendly – Wicked – Toy Love is glycerin and paraben free, making it a safe lube for sensitive women. Toy Love is also fine to use with a partner as a lubricant for you both, or for those times when you’re craving not just the body of your partner but your favourite sex toys too! As this gel is water-based, it washes off your body, your toys, and your sheets with ease. This is a great lube for those who love to play with toys! Safe for all toys, thick and slick, all with a great pump action bottle. Smooth water-based lube Safe for all toy material Glycerin free Paraben free


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