Wicked – Jelle Anal Gel Unscented Lubricant (120ml)

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Wicked’s fantastic range of lubes and toy cleaners has something to suit everyone, and with signature formulas and body-friendly fun in mind, they’ve created a range that will quickly become your slipping, sliding favourites. Wicked’s Jelle anal lube is one such lubricant, with an excellently thick formula that makes all kinds of naughty play feel incredible. Smooth, sensational anal – the Jelle lube is a slick and thick formula that is ideal for anal sex and play. The water-based formula is thicker than most water-based anal lubes, with a gel consistency that aids in a cushion feel that provides a fantastic glide. The lube is also body friendly, as it is glycerine and paraben free, which makes it a comfortable and non-irritating gel which is perfectly fine to use anally. Jelle is also latex-friendly and suitable for use with condoms. Great all-round lube – it’s great to have a specific lube for your anal play, however Jelle can also be used as a multi-purpose lubricant. Put all the other bottles and tubes away! Just keep this handy and you can go ahead with anal, vaginal and toy play all night. The thicker formula really lends itself to use with toys, especially if you’re getting used to larger toys and really need that extra cushioning. Its thicker consistency also means you need less reapplications, so you have more time to satisfy your sexual desires. Jelle is also made to be pH balanced, which is great news for those with sensitive vaginas which can easily be thrown into pH chaos by irritating, poorly formulated lubes or oils. Jelle reduces the risk of bacteria outbreaks and keeps your cheeky private parts feeling great. Easy clean and care – despite its thickness, Jelle is easy to clean. The water-based solution rinses away with a little soap and water. To get an extra thorough clean on your toys, team the wash with your favourite toy cleaning spray of foam. Wicked’s slick, smooth Jelle lube is perfect for passionate anal play, but with a water-based formula you’ll find it’s also great for vaginal sex, toy play, and even steamy solo sessions! Body-safe, anal-friendly, formula Thick gel consistency Non-sticky, long lasting Glycerin and Paraben Free!


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