Wicked – Foam N Fresh Toy Cleaner (240ml)

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Cleaning your toys is an essential part of owning toys, as it keeps them in the best condition for their next use. This is important not just for ensuring that your toys last you years and years, but also to make sure that while you’re getting down and dirty, your toys are actually very hygienic and pose no germy concerns for your sensitive regions! A Foamy Difference – this toy cleaner by Wicked comes as a frothy foam, a surprisingly effective texture for cleaning every single nook and cranny of your play things. The foam is a handy visual aid for those who aren’t sure if they’ve got every inch of the toy. This makes it especially useful on toys with rings, holes or accordion features, such as thrusting rabbit vibes, or the deep, soft crevices of masturbation sleeves. A Strong but Gentle Solution – the Foam ‘n Fresh solution is an alcohol free mix that’s suitable for all toy materials. Those who find alcohol based formulas or strong chemical smells will be relieved, as this cleaner is fragrance free and still full anti-bacterial.Keep your toys crystal clean, even after the dirtiest of playtimes. The Wicked toy cleaner is a foamy solution that dissolves lube and body fluids, leavings your favourite toys in pristine condition. Easy to See on your Toy Thorough Cleaner for Toy Endurance Safe for all Toy Materials Anti-Bacterial, Alcohol Free Fragrance and Paraben Free


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