Wicked – Aqua Unscented Lubricant (120ml)

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Today we are spoilt for choice in so many areas of our lives with so many fantastic brands and designs of basically everything, this includes lubricants. So what are we to do… We have to try them out to find the ones we like, the ones we love and the ones we could do without. The Wicked range is in the range of the ones you will love. Smooth & Silky on your body which is ideal as you don’t want sticky and rough. No stickiness here and it is easy to wash off with water. Aloe & Vitamin E is like air we need it for our bodies, and our bodies love it when we give it to them. So why not have it in you lube as well. It is kind and loving to your most intimate of areas. Absorbs into our skin let it soak up all that goodness and reward you with soft beautiful skin and the lubrication you desire when you need it. No Residue so no icky bits anywhere on your body or sheets, or wherever you’re getting busy. Who wants anything to stop them having fun when the mood arises. Paraben Free especially for anyone who has sensitive skin or anyone who doesn’t like nasty chemicals. Latex – condoms, no worries. You can use the Wicked Unscented Intimate lube with all condoms. Vegan Friendly no animal by-products and not tested on animals.Wicked – Aqua Unscented Intimate Lubricant is a silky smooth luxurious water based lube that could easily become your next favourite water based lube. Smooth & Silky Aloe & Vitamin E Great Absorption No Residue Paraben Free Latex Friendly Vegan Friendly


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