Vibrating Ball Cradle by Zero Tolerance

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It’s time to get your balls and all in the Vibrating Ball Cradle by Zero Tolerance. Ball Cradle does what it says, it will cradle your balls. You wrap the ball cradle around your cock and balls and let the vibrations flow through your whole sack and shaft. Width 1.47 inch, Height 3.16 inch Depth 3.43 inch. 9 Vibrating Speeds & Functions to select and play with. Great speeds with different vibration styles and designs. Remote Control so you have all you need in your hands, or your lover’s hands to let you feel the thrills. Quality Silicone Material which will feel smooth and snug against your body. USB Rechargeable & Waterproof so you can play in the shower or wherever you are having water play and no batteries required.Vibrating Ball Cradle by Zero Tolerance is a buzzing vibrating ball holder for thrills. Ball Cradle 9 Vibrating Speeds & Functions Remote Control Quality Silicone Material USB Rechargeable & Waterproof


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