The Swan Clutch – Rechargeable Vibrating Duo Balls

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Want to be in Charge of your Pleasure and also tighten and strengthen your hot spot now you can with The Swan Clutch Rechargeable Vibrating Duo Balls. The Swan Clutch needs you to hold on tight for it to release all its powerful delight. The vibrations for the Swan Clutch occur through “Squeeze-Me” technology. No just laying back and getting off you need to work for it girl! With one motor in the head it will send vibrations throughout your body! To Start Enjoying Vibrating Sensations simply start the motor by pressing on the pressure sensor area. The lock button can be activated by pressing and holding the “lock” button until there is a red light and a high speed vibration signal. Then you’re ready to go but remember you’re in control and have to activate this hot little number. Swan Clutch Rechargeable Vibrating Duo Balls are Silent you can pop them in and work you’re Kegels whilst experiencing tantalising vibrations. As your in control you can release or squeeze harder as you please, but it would probably pay not to get too carried away in public and moan with pleasure you may have some explaining to do! Once you have mastered your Swan Clutch Rechargeable Vibrating Duo Balls or you have worn them out simply pop them onto charge remembering to only use the charger provided. After Approximately Two Hours you will be ready to go again and will be good for another three to four hours of pleasure. If you thought things couldn’t get much better they just did – this toy is also waterproof. After submerging, always let your balls dry thoroughly before recharging. Can be cleaned either using warm soapy water or we would recommend a toy cleaner which is also available online. The Soft Silicone feels great on skin and with a smooth silicone-covered button safe usage has been sorted. Being phthalate free and latex free it should suit even the most sensitive of individuals. The Swan Clutch has a silicone string handle for easy manoeuvring so you can’t go wrong. This is perfect for the beginner and also the more experienced toy user take charge today and strengthen your pussy with The Swan Clutch Rechargeable Vibrating Duo Balls!Everyone’s heard the saying: ‘The power of the pussy how would you like the most powerful pussy around?’ You can have it with The Swan Clutch Rechargeable Vibrating Duo Balls Squeeze me technology Easy to use Whisper quiet Rechargeable – Up to 4 hours of vibrating pleasure Waterproof Made from silicone, phthalate free, latex free


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