Swiss Navy – Silicone Lubricant (237ml)

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The Lubricant is Made of a High Quality Silicone formula including cyclopentasiloxone, dimethicone and tocopheryl acetate. Only the highest quality of ingredients should be used in these intimate areas. The Convenient Size of the sturdy bottle provides durability and flexibility. You could keep one in the bedroom and bathroom or wherever the mood may take you. The ergonomic bottle will not leak. The locking pump means it can be taken traveling without any unexpected spills. Hey why not join the mile high club with your partner for a laugh. The Swiss Navy Lubricant Lasts for a Long Time and has a delicate feel. If you want to go all night, this lubricant won’t let you down. Perfect for sensitive skin. The lubricant takes the worry out of things so you can concentrate on the important things like pleasuring your lover. It is Hypo-Allergenic and isn’t absorbed through the skin or membranes. This lubrication is ideal for any extra fun antics that require additional lubrication. Whether it is to add extra lubrication for the post- menopausal women or you want to be adventurous and use the back passage this is the Lube for you. The One-Handed Easy To Use pump bottle allows for an uncomplicated application so you can focus on the important things in life. You don’t want to be fumbling around for lubrication when the mood takes you. This funky bottle blends in well on your bedside table or wherever you want to keep it.This high grade, delicate lubricant comes in a strong, discreet pump bottle. Safe and versatile it can be used for all types of lovemaking. Soft and smooth it is made from the finest quality ingredients. High quality lubricant The 118mls bottle is perfect for travel or use at home Long lasting lubrication Perfect for sensitive areas Pump bottle for ease of use


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