Swiss Navy Grease – Oil-Based Lubricant – 473ml

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Occasionally a light, watery lubricant is just not quite enough to push you over the edge, sometimes you need something a little more substantial. Our new high potent lube has been especially developed for all types of cock masturbation and anal sex play. It has an extremely thick consistency, which will stay in place for hours, even when used for intensive stimulation like handballing or fisting. As an oil-based lubricant with mineral oil and petroleum this lube is not safe to use with latex condoms. It may cause damage to some sex toy materials, and it is definitely not intended for vaginal use. Swiss Navy’s Grease is an ultra thick, sleek lube that stays fabulously slippery. Its unique formula is specifically designed for male masturbation, anal sex, fisting and other anal sex applications that require a high quality oil-based lubricant. This powerful lubricant provides the ultimate erotic satisfaction during anal play, masturbation or fisting and enhances the immensely sensational pleasures that this sort of play can provide. This creamy lube is safe to use on all types of skin. Those people with sensitive skin can also use lube without concerns. You’ll be astonished at its moisturising qualities and how good it feels on your skin. The teams at Swiss have worked hard to develop one of the most effective lubricants for opening you up you’ll ever experience. This lubricant is made of unscented silicone lubricant, with scientifically designed ingredients that will gently warm with your body heat. These ingredients will help eliminate any possible discomfort and ensure couples can explore all aspects of sex that were previously not even considered. This unique lube is a must have product for those wishing to have an exhilarating anal sex experience. The new and innovative formula is very good for longer periods of ass play and works fantastically with most anal toys. It cannot be used with silicone toys or with latex condoms. This grease is designed especially for men to broaden their sexual horizons and allow them fulfill their fantasies in ways they had never even considered. The extra thick consistency makes cleaning up very simple, and the large container allows for many large sized applications in a handy bulk container. ***SAFETY NOTE: This Product is NOT safe for use with latex condoms or latex gloves***Swiss Navy’s Grease is an extraordinarily sleek premium oil-based cream/lube formulated to make sure that all your sexual fantasies can become exquisite realities. The ingredients of this product are not safe for use with condoms. Oil based lubricant designed for all aspects of anal sex Designed to be used externally or anally only – Not for vaginal use Thick, body safe creamy consistency Unscented silicone lubricant Designed for that special male in your life Immediate clean up is recommended if spilt NOT safe for use with latex condoms or latex gloves


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