Sliquid Organics – Natural Lubricating Gel (Purple Label) – 125ml

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If you are a lover of natural and all things natural the Sliquid Oceanics Natural Lubricant is perfect for you. A Natural Lubricant that is not only good on the environment but also good for you. You want your love making sessions to be as pleasurable and natural as it is intended to be. Sliquid Oceanics Natural Lube has no glycerine, paraben or petroleum in them at all. They are hypo-allergenic and non-staining which is great if you have beautiful cotton sheets. Botanically infused with Carrageenan, Nori and Wakame all natural and organic ingredient, a pure and beautiful natural lube will provide pleasure for you both. Water based and water soluble for the best feeling possible. Later, rubber and plastic friendly, not that you as a nature lover would want to be using any of these synthetic materials. (Of course unless you have to) No animal testing on the Oceanics Natural Lube at all, just like it is supposed to be. Pure and natural just like we are… until we get under the sheets. Treat yourself and your partner and of course treat our wonderful mother nature to the best that we can with a pure and naturally filled ingredients that won’t harm any animals and is a pleasure to use. With the Sliquid range a little goes a long way, you don’t need to use too much. Just a few drops will provide you the lubrication you desire and if you need a little bit more after the action starts to really heat up the easy to use bottle is just a hand reach away.Certified Organic – Sliquid Oceanics Natural Lubricant – Vegan Approved – Not tested on animals Natural Lubricant Vegan Approved Not Tested on Animals


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