Sex Marks The Spot – Couples Board Game

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Try something different with your partner and introduce a fun and interactive board game to your nightly fun. Board Games can bring laughter, hornieness and of course romance to any couples bedroom. With Sex Marks the Spot you have to go along the board to find lots of spicy treats and tantilising surprises for you and your partner to play along with. Enjoy finding out more about your lover with each move that you make and let them find more about you as well. Open up to each other and be amazed at how much fun a sexy board game can be. What’s Inside: 60 Cards with lots of fun activities including playtime fun Score Sheets Only 2 cards where you can get out of a tricky sticky situation Markers so you can add to the fun yourself Game Board of course Dice Sex Marks the Spot – A fun board game for couples who like to add a little extra to the bedroom and foreplay, bring on the romance and the naughty bits. Board Games What’s Inside


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