Renegade – Orbit Rechargeable Prostate Massager

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The feeling of having your balls warmed up whilst having your P Spot turned on is a reality with the Renegade Orbit. Prostate Massager with Ball Rotating Head is a decent size prostate massager at 8cm of internal bliss and 2.5cm in width. The magic comes with the vibrations that encase your ass and the rolling head that will turn your P into a stimulated hell yeah. Warming Ball Feature in the smaller stimulator will cup against your balls and get them all warm and toasty whilst still providing you with the vibrations from the multi level vibration settings. Remote Control which is wireless and easy to hold in one hand or switch it on and flick it aside and let yourself lay back and enjoy. Silicone Material which is smooth for the anus and you can use your favourit lube with this one. USB Rechargeable to make sure you receive all the power you need in a prostate toy. Renegade Orbit is something a little different for prostate massaging as it has a P stimulating rotating head and a warming feature that will warm your balls up nice and toasty. Prostate Massager with Ball Rotating Head Warming Ball Feature Remote Control Silicone Material USB Rechargeable


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