Pretty Love – Vibrating Breast Massager

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The Pretty Love – Vibrating Breast Massager are for the wonderful ladies who have beautiful sensitive breasts to give them stimulating fun and enjoyment, you lucky girls. Breast Massager with little nodules for extra stimulation cups the breasts and you pump in playtime, as well as vibrations to tingle and entice. It perfectly cups your boobie to give you a smile. Vibrating so obviously it gives you vibrations through the whole massager allowing it to flow through to your body. Suction which is automatic for easy use and easy play, suctioning up your boobie so that they are big and lovely and it can bring them to a new sensitivity you may not have felt previously. Easy to Use Controls with a button for suction and a dial for vibrations both are super easy to use alone or with a friend.Pretty Love – Vibrating Breast Massager is for the boobies. A toy that vibrates and pumps that is just for your beautiful breasts. Made with silicone with teasing little nodules for stimulation. Breast Massager Vibrating Suction Easy to Use Controls


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