Pipedream Pump Worx Max Boost 11.3″ Piston Penis Pump

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Reclaim your confidence and get the maximum boost to your erection with the Max Boost Penis Pump from Pump Worx!
This streamlined, piston-action pump has everything you need to enjoy firmer, longer lasting erections at your maximum size in a completely non-invasive way. Each pump on the top of this toy encourages blood flow into the penis without the need for any hoses or handles – or batteries. Simply insert your penis, pull down on the pump head, and release!
In addition to being quiet, the motorless design also means you can use the Max Boost in the shower or bath – try filling the tube with water before you start pumping for some extra stimulation while you pump. The crystal clear tube lets you see your penis swell, and the handy measurement gauge will show you just how far you’ve come.
Once you’re done, simply press the quick release button to instantly relieve the pressure, and enjoy yourself! It’s that simple.


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