Oralove – Sensations Oral Lubricant 2 Pack (Warming and Tingling)

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This is a great alternative for those who don’t enjoy flavoured lubes or for those looking for a simple way to add a lot of zing to oral sex! Oralove’s awesome two pack of warming and tingling lubes are kissable, lickable and will have your partner gasping for more. Warming lube – warming lube is great to use on men or women, as it brings a tolerable warmth to your sexy areas that stimulates and encourages powerful arousal. Combine this with skillful strokes, sneaky touches and the power of your tongue and lips to create mind-blowing, steamy pleasure. If your partner has trouble warming up to the main event, using a lube like this combined with intimate foreplay will have them ready in no time. Tingling lube – tingling lube is oh-so cheeky, especially for the woman in your life! Use tingling, kissable, lickable lubes to create amazing sparks of sensation across their intimate areas. When applied around the clitoris and labia, it heightens stimulation and helps you bring her to the height of arousal. Use this lube, ample foreplay and luscious licking to make her clitoral climax like never before! A cheeky pair! – You can even use these two in unison, if you’re playful enough. However, even separately you’ll find that these handy little tubes will add a lot of fun to any oral antics. The tubes contain plenty, yet are still handy enough to be slipped into a handbag for some naughty fun on the run.These lickable lubes are a cheeky way to bring a little spark to your lips and your hips. Use these to amplify every oral performance! 2 pack of sensational lubes Lickable and body-friendly Warming to rev them up Tingling to cool them down


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