Nixie Metal Butt Plug Set (Pink)

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If you love to have a little anal fun then the Nixie Metal Butt Plug Set in pink is a sweet little extra. 2 Pink Metal Butt Plugs in aluminum alloy is an attractive duo set in small and medium with some extra style of fluffy and gem. Small Pink Fluffy Plug is 6.93 in length, 4.31cm insertable and 2.54cm in width and at the end of the plug is the sweetest pink fluffy, like a bunny. Great to show off your bottom, even better as a surprise for your lover. It’s small enough to wear it for extended amount of time. Medium Pink Gem Plug is 8.12cm in length, 6.09cm insertable and 3.30cm in width and at the end of the one is an attractive little gem that will twinkle against the light.Nixie Metal Butt Plug Set (Pink) is a sweet duo set of aluminum alloy butt plugs, one with a pink gem and the other with the cutest pink fluff. 2 Pink Metal Butt Plugs Small Pink Fluffy Plug Medium Pink Gem Plug


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