Nexus – Titus Prostate Massager (Purple)

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Nexus – Titus Prostate Massager is designed for complete comfort both whilst holding in your hand getting ready to play and for internal enjoyment. Titus Prostate Massager is a light weight prostate massager is a great slim starter massager for the man that knows quality is everything. It has a great economical handle which is also flared for comfort. The insertable length is up to 8cm with a small head on the tip of the shaft then the max width is 2.5cm, a good starter size. The whole shaft is textured to provide a little extra on entry and exit. The whole shape of the Nexus – Titus Prostate Massager is designed completely for the male form. Rollerball which is stainless steel and will gently roll against the perineum for complete anal stimulation. It provides a unique extra whilst enjoying the prostate massager. Light Weight and Waterproof, you will really be surprised how light weight the Titus is. But don’t let the lightness fool you, the Titus is a great first timer prostate massager.Nexus – Titus Prostate Massager is a light weight prostate and perineum massager with a little extra with a rollerball feature. Titus Prostate Massager Rollerball Light Weight and Waterproof


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