Nexus – Revo Waterproof Prostate Massager

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This is seriously the cream of the crop when it comes to male adult toys. The Nexus – Revo Waterproof Prostate Massager is for the man who knows how to treat himself well. Prostate Massager which is sleek and stylish in all the right ways. Nexus really know how to treat a man well with all of their toys and this is by far right up that alley. The shaft is 9.6cm in length with a P-playful knob for that P enjoyment and stimulation. The width doesn’t hold back with 3.3cm working it’s way in towards the flared based and stimulator. The design isn’t just for the prostate it’s also for the perineum so you’re doubling your enjoyment. 6 Modes & 2 Direct Rotating Shaft this way and that way rotating to assist with orgasmic release. With 6 stimulation modes you are going to find a few that will become your favourite. Multiple Combo’s of Pleasure all at the easy to use touch button controls on the base of the Nexus – Revo Waterproof Prostate Massager. Pure Silicone Material is the only material to use for a luxury anal toy. Waterproof & Rechargeable as you would expect from a high quality toy. Being rechargeable you know that you’re going to receive the power you need. Nexus – Revo Waterproof Prostate Massager for only when quality, style and the best of the best will do for the real man. Prostate Massager 6 Modes & 2 Direct Rotating Shaft Multiple Combo’s of Pleasure Pure Silicone Material Waterproof & Rechargeable


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