Nexus – Revo Intense Prostate Massager

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Have you had a butt-full of soft vibrations and minimal stimulation? Of course you have, thats why you are here, looking at Nexus – Revo Intense Prostate Massager. Made for those looking for an explosive experience, we know we are ready for this wild ride. Are you? Ergonomically Designed to lock into the masculine form for a truly intense ride, this toy is sure as hell ready to fire up your insides for a glorious finish 6 Stimulation modes, 2 x shaft rotation speeds that rotate in two different directions, a total of 34 combinations keeps you fine tuned to come again and again. Boy, can this thing dance! 100% Silicone Shaft has an incredible velvety texture, use with your favourite water based lube for a comfortable ride start to finish. Those looking for a direct and precise stimulation may look no further, Nexus – Revo Intense Prostate Massager is the most powerful yet! Ready to lock in some powerful pleasure? We sure are! Ergonomically Designed 6 Stimulation modes 100% Silicone Shaft


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