Nexus – Douche PRO 330ml with Prostate Nozzle

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Cleaning your ass has never been so easy that with the Nexus – Douche PRO 330ml with Prostate Nozzle and you may also receive a little fun at the same time. Douche with 330ml Bulb is to clean your ass prior to having a bit of anal fun. Be it toys or anything else it’s best practice to get your arse nice and clean prior to playing.The bigger bulb of 330ml will allow you to give yourself a very good clean first time every time. No time to waste when your ready to get down and dirty. Prostate Nozzle has a curve to it and it’s 8cm in length. The curve is designed to assist in hitting the prostate whilst you’re having a clean. It’s easy to use and very effective. Rubber & Plastic the nozzle is a smooth firm plastic and the bulb is a squeezable rubber that you can simply pump with one hand.Nexus – Douche PRO 330ml with Prostate Nozzle is the one stop cleaner with a extra larger bulb size to let the cleaning flow. Douche with 330ml Bulb Prostate Nozzle Rubber & Plastic


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