Lelo – Hex – Regular Condoms (12 Pack)

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The Hex Condom is thin, really thin and has what Lelo are stating as a revolutionary hexagonal structure, which sounds like a lot of words but the condom really does have these hexagon shapes on the inside which are designed to provide the thinnest condom that still has the strength for your safety. Not everyone likes or enjoys having to wear condoms as they feel like they are not receiving the full effect of the sexual act that they are partaking in but having a thin condom assists with increasing the sensitivity and pleasure for both parties. The Hex is 0.045mm and are so thin that you both will feel the nature body heat from each other increasing your enjoyment.Hex Condom by Lelo There are an amazing amount of condoms available, different styles, sizes, colour and features and now Lelo the makers of one of the most glamorous and seductively sexy adult toy brands in the world have re-engineered the condom. 12 Pack 36 Pack


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