Lelo HEX Condoms Respect XL (36 Pack)

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LELO HEX delivers strength, thinness and sensation through its revolutionary hexagonalstructure. It’s the first major innovation in years, and the media all over the world is callingit one of the most important advances in condom technology for decades. With its structure of 350 interconnected hexagons, HEX allows for a more sensitive andmore intimate sexual sensation, as well as a more secure fit that gently grips the wearer tofight slippage. Perfectly smooth on the outside, textured on the inside; the hexagonal webwithin flexes and stretches to fit a wide number of shapes securely. Individual cells: The network of cells allow no compromise. At just 0.045 – 0.055mmthick, HEX is one the thinnest condoms on the market. Safety: HEX not only meets but also exceeds all international safety standards.Furthermore, we electronically test each and every condom we ship to ensure thehighest quality. Unique design: Inspired by nature, the design molds to the wearer like nothing else.Now bigger than ever thanks to huge customer demand, HEX Respect XL is the latestconcept to enhance LELO’s luxury condom o ering. Stylishly packed to suit the user’slifestyle and larger in all dimensions, HEX Respect XL is the condom for bigger guys whotake sex seriously, and take pride in their pleasure. With a diameter of 58mm, Respect XLis one of the biggest condoms on the market, and o ers a true point of di erence fromthe 54mm Original. The HEX range is all about depth of choice. Material: Natural LatexThickness: 0.045mmDiameter: 58mm (4mm wider)Length: 195mm (15mm longer)Slightly scentedNatural colorLubricated (non spermicidal)


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