Jo H2O Water Based Lubricant (120ml)

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This exciting new water based lubricant that has the silky smooth feeling similar to silicone. It is a long lasting lube that won’t become claggy or sticky and washes off easily; it simply dissolves in water. It’s the one lubricant that is recommended worldwide by doctors and pharmacists as safe to use, easy to clean off, long lasting lube. Safe to Use with all of you erotic toys and is totally condom friendly. This brilliant bottle of lubricant will ensure your sex toys glide in with ease. It is made from remarkable pharmaceutical grade products and has been especially formulated so you can explore your fetish for playing with any sort of sex toy in any situation. It’s a fabulously thick water based lubricant that is fantastic to use for vaginal sex. This Unique High-Grade Water-Based Lube makes a Great Skin Conditioner, Moisturiser, and Massage Formula. It is also guaranteed to enhance your sexual pleasure. The silken moisturising formula in the lubricant uses a plant-based glycerin that won’t create irritations or disrupt the body’s PH balance. Its specially designed formula supplements the body’s natural lubrication and increases penetration comfort and leaves you with a feeling of long lasting smoothness. Due to its fabulous properties you can use this lube to give your lover a sensual massage that will leave their skin feeling silky soft.The JO H2O Water Based Lubricant has an almost identical feel and semi-fluid consistency to silicone, yet contains NO OIL, WAX or SILICONE. JO H2O lasts so long and is silky smooth to touch, making this a great item for those with sensitive skin. Long Lasting and never sticky or claggy Compatible with all toys, condoms and latex Formulated with moisturiser for silky soft skin


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