Glams Mini Rainbow Gem Butt Plug

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The Glams Mini Butt Plugs are simply adorable that I’m making sure I take one home tonight! Glams Mini Butt Plug as I have already mentioned are so pretty. If you like making your bum pretty for yourself or your lover then you should definitely check these out. In two colours black and pink and with the most attractive gems in the base that will show off your bum. Ideal for Beginners and also for anyone who enjoys wearing butt plugs for an extended period of time. As it’s a mini it is tiny in size at only 8cm in total length and 5.5cm insertable with a starting width of 1cm to 2cm not to forget a lovely tapered tip for easy insertion. It really is a mini butt plug and if you’re new to bum fun this is perfect for you. Bum Bling with the attractive gem you can pop it in and surprise your lover with it on presentation. The flared base is 4.5cm in width and the gem is in the middle. Smooth Indulgent Silicone Material is flexible smooth and charming for the most discerning. Use a little water based lube to optimise your fun.Glams Mini Butt Plugs are just the cutest butt plugs with the prettiest gems your bum is going to love them. Glams Mini Butt Plug Ideal for Beginners Bum Bling Smooth Indulgent Silicone Material


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