FX Elite 3 Inch Vibrating Mega Extention with Remote – Flesh

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You not only get a penis sleeve you get a vibrating penis head and remote with the FX Elite 3″ Vibrating Mega Extention + Remote. 3″ Penis Extension Sleeve is, well, 3″ extra for you plus 66% thicker. It is complete realistic look and feel with throbbing veins and a good looking head. How they design the extenders is you can trim it from the bottom to your desired length and make it that firm fitting that you are looking for. You can wear just the extension sleeve on its on and you can add the head vibrating happy penis extender. Vibrating Happy Penis Extender slides perfectly inside of the extension sleeve to provide both you and your parnter incredible vibrations. Imagine them flowing through your both with each and every thrust of the body. Remote Control assists with being able to play basically hands-free so that you can have all your concentraion on the playtime fun you’re having. Silicone Material which looks and feels amazing from the skin colour, realistic look and those throbbing looking veins which look like they are popping out. USB Rechargeable for both the extender and the remote which is great as most remotes have those horrid button cell batteries in them.FX Elite 3″ Vibrating Mega Extention + Remote is a penis extension sleeve with a different, a cool added difference than you would get with just the standard sleeve. You get your head fully stimulated with amazing vibrations whilst still getting that extra girth that you’re looking for. 3″ Penis Extension Sleeve Vibrating Happy Penis Extender Remote Control Silicone Material USB Rechargeable


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