Fleshlight – Pink Butt (Heavenly)

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When looking for a butt masturbation sleeve you have to go straight to the best which is Fleshlight – Pink Butt (Heavenly). Fleshlight is a name and brand that is synonymous around the world for the high quality masturbation sleeves. Pink Butt Heavenly has been designed perfectly, with the tight butt hole to the slight cheeky cheeks that will encave around your cock as you slide your way in. Once in, you will feel the wonders of the Heavenly internal textures from tight grip, then beading, ribbing and curling swirling winding bends. Super Skin Material feels so close to real skin as you can with a masturbation sleeve. Sizing Canal Diameter 1.27cm – Length 25.4cm – Diameter 10.16cm-6.35cm- Fleshlight – Pink Butt (Heavenly) is the ass Fleshlight which is going to provide you with heavenly pleasures with each bump and grind. Fleshlight Pink Butt Heavenly Super Skin Material Sizing Listed Below


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