Fistpowder – Instant Body Lubricant – 65g

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Play how you want with the lube you love with the Fistpowder Instant Body Lubricant Fistpowder – Instant Body Lubricant powder that you turn into your very own water based lube when and where you need it. You dish out the amount of powder you want to make the perfect amount of lube you need. It can be thick or thin it all depends on how you want to play. Add extra water or lessen the amount of water used it’s all up to you. You can use it with toys, condoms, latex and leather. 2 Sizes Available 65g which can make up to a whopping 6 liters of lube and then there is the 7g pack which is great to take away on holidays or a night of pumping pleasure. Ingredients Maltodextrine, Xanthan Gum, Poly(ethylene Oxide)Fist Powder Instant Body Lubricant is the complete package when it comes to Anal Lube. It’s a powder that you turn into a water based lube. Fistpowder – Instant Body Lubricant 2 Sizes Available Ingredients Below


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