Chorus Couples Vibe by We-Vibe (Purple)

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The Chorus is a couples vibe which We Vibe say, is their most intuitive couples vibe so far. We Vibe Couple Vibe is a specially designed vibe which is inserted prior to intercourse. It is designed to sit inside and outside providing the female stimulation to both the vagina and clitoris and as such the partner will also feel the vibrations enhancing your love making. Chorus Version with Adjustable Fit looks like all the other We Vibe couple vibes that they have bought out, but this one has a little bit more flexibility than the last version, which provides more move ability in the areas you want it. Squeeze Remote Control is a cool new feature with the We Vibe controls. No need to remember which button is for what level, just squeeze. Great for when you’re in the middle of a heavy session with your partner. App Controlled just like the Sync, you can use your mobile device for controlling as well. Whilst it may sound like a gimmick, a lot of the new couples toys are bringing this feature to our bedrooms. It can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re wearing the toy and your partner is in control of your pleasure. Waterproof and Rechargeable just like the Sync. You can play in the shower with your lover and have no worries with charging the unit for all the power you need. Chorus by We-Vibe is the latest couples vibe to be worn by the female during intercourse. We Vibe Couple Vibe Chorus Version with Adjustable Fit Squeeze Remote Control App Controlled Waterproof and Rechargeable


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