Mens Prostate Massage

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Prostate Massage Sessions - Choose from Erotic or Therapeutic
1 hour $200

Are curious to try a Prostate Massage? You may have read about the associated holistic health benefits, including offering some relief to BPH symptoms or how it can help with erectile issues and improve ejaculation strength.  Maintaining your prostate health is vitally important and should not be overlooked.   Marcella focuses on easing her Client into the experience gently, this is achieved by her caring nature and wealth of information she can share with you regarding any concerns or questions you may have.


Marcella’s gentle technique of massaging the prostate gland is ideal for first-timers.  If you have received a prostate massage from a Doctor, you may have felt discomfort from your Doctor suddenly rubbing your prostate vigorously, this is done to stimulate fluid quickly to do their tests, but thankfully, this is not the only way to receive a prostate massage. 

A quick chat before the session commences, will give you the opportunity to inform Marcella of your comfort zones and if you are seeking a therapeutic or erotic experience.


During the session you will receive a deeply relaxing full body massage before performing the prostate massage, helping you relax your mind & body so that you can enjoy the sensations that you experience, which could feel very pleasurable.  Marcella’s focus will be on providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for you!

Book your session today and find out why she is regarded as one of the best Prostate Therapists in Melbourne.  

Q). Does the prostate massage allow for me to Orgasm?

A). Yes, Orgasms produce increased endorphin levels in the body resulting in all kinds of positive health benefits, improved mood, memory and brain function, lower blood pressure, and a general overall feeling of well-being.

Q). Will you be Fully Nude in this Session? Do you offer extras?

A). No to both,  I can perform the massage Topless upon request.  The erotic bodywork is practitioner to client only.  I focus this session around my skilled hands as the therapist.  If you are interested in a session where you can learn different ways to touch a woman’s body more intuitively with your hands, then the private workshop ‘Learn to arouse a woman with your hands ‘ may be of interest.

Q). Do you use Sex Toys?

A). No, the prostate massage is done using my finger as I am massaging a specific area called the prostate gland.

Looking for just a Sensual Erotic Massage? click here

How To Prepare For A Prostate Massage - Preparation and Hygiene
The bare minimum preparation for enjoying a prostate massage is a normal bowel movement accompanied by cleaning the anal area with soap and warm water. If you are still concerned about your hygiene, then feel free to use the complimentary disposable anal douche provided at the Studio for your convenience.

How to use an Anal Douche

If you want a deeper clean, an anal douche or enema is an instant and easy option. These are supplied in the bathroom. I recommend using it before you wash externally with soap and water.


1) Fill the anal douche with warm water, insert in the anus and squeeze the bulb, the water will shoot out so make sure you are either sitting over the toilet or in the shower. Refill the douche and repeat. I do not recommend douching yourself anymore than 2-3 as water can build up inside you if you overdo it. Once you have finished, throw the disposable douche in the bin provided and complete your external cleaning. You are now ready for the session.

How do you perform a prostate massage?
  • I always use sterile gloves to perform the prostate massage to ensure the highest standard of hygiene. I do not to touch the genitals with the same hand used for the prostate massage.
  • Generous amounts of premium quality lube is carefully applied to ensure that there is no discomfort.
  • I usually start the procedure with an external perineum massage, then slowly rotate the sphincter muscles to help them relax while applying lubricant in several applications.
  • Open communication is encouraged between us to make sure you are comfortable at all times during the procedure.
  • Rest assured you are in professional and caring hands, I have over 7 years experience performing prostate massages.

Look forward to meeting you!