Ladies Sensual Erotic Massage Treatments

Sensual Massage for Ladies

1 hour, 30 mins $250

For the Ladies, Marcella offers a session that includes a combination of relaxing sensual massage with the option to receive a slow and mindful tantric yoni massage as you feel your female energy start to awaken during the session.
The Yoni massage can be provided to whatever you feel comfortable with the full focus on awakening the sensual, beautiful, radiant, and amazing woman you truly are!


Allow yourself to surrender to the moment and enjoy the pleasure of being touched gently and lovingly.
You may experience different reactions in your body, thoughts, and emotions during the massage. This is normal and expected. Feel free to ask questions or share what you are feeling along the way.


It is an unrushed session aimed at relaxing your mind & body.  Take a shower and get ready before and after the massage. Feel free to ask questions and set boundaries to enable you to feel relaxed about the experience.
A quick chat before the session commences, will give you the opportunity to inform Marcella of your comfort zones and any other information you would like to share.  

For more information regarding the benefits of Ladies Sensual Massage, please visit my blog article here:  What is a sensual massage and what are the benefits for Ladies?

Q). Does the massage allow for me to Orgasm?

A). That decision is entirely up to you, but you should avoid making this your main focus of the session, Instead let your mind & body fully relaxed and you will discover arousal will build naturally. Orgasms produce endorphins that have been medically proven to help flush out the stress-related hormone, cortisol, leading to better sleep and deep relaxation. Increased endorphin levels in the body result in all kinds of positive health benefits, improved mood, memory and brain function, lower blood pressure, and a general overall feeling of well-being.

Q). Will you be Fully Clothed in this Session?

A). Yes, and the erotic touch is unidirectional, practitioner to client. I focus this session around my skilled hands as the therapist and follow the Code of Ethics for Certified Sexological Bodyworkers.