Self Prostate Massage Tips and Techniques

Prostate Massage Techniques How to give myself a prostate massage – Many men enjoy including personal prostate massage in their masturbation. By coming in contact with their very own prostate, guys can employ even more of their intimate system, thus enjoying even more sexual feeling and better orgasms. Self prostate stimulation can be achieved internally … Read more

Giving a Pleasurable Prostate Massage

Prostate therapeutic massage is a highly pleasurable and personal activity that you may talk about with your partner. Learning the simple methods will allow you to confidently explore this new pleasure together. This guideline offers the basic skills of pleasurable prostate massage, but like all physical skills, reading about it will only get you so … Read more

How To Prepare For A Prostate Massage – Preparation and Hygiene

The bare minimum preparation for enjoying a prostate massage is a normal bowel movement accompanied by cleaning the anal area with soap and warm water. If you are really concerned about your hygiene, then feel free to use the complimentary disposable anal douche provided for your convenience. How to use an Anal Douche If you … Read more

The Basics of Prostate Massage

The prostate is a gland, located just below the bladder and sheathed in the musculature of the pelvic floor, the same muscles that contract during orgasm and ejaculation. The urethra runs from the bladder, directly through the prostate gland and out through the penis. The prostate gland takes on a central role in the male … Read more

How the Prostate Changes with Age

Prostate Changes

There is a reason why you never hear young men talking about problems with their prostate, yet it is a frequent topic of comment, though not conversation, in men over 50. While men aren’t afraid to complain about having to urinate more regularly or about no longer being able to go through the night without … Read more

Alternative Treatments for Good Prostate Health

Good Prostate Health

Your prostate may only be the size of a walnut, but when it is not healthy, it can have a seriously debilitating effect on your quality of life. Here, we are not talking about prostate cancer but a general enlargement of the prostate either as a result of an infection, referred to as prostatitis, or … Read more

Great Advice on How to Keep your Prostate Healthy

Prostate Healthy

You’re never too young to start looking after your prostate and you don’t have to wait until you are over 50 before you begin to realise just how important good prostate health is. When younger, looking after your health in general terms is sufficient to ensure your prostate remains healthy. By this we mean eating … Read more

The Prostate and its Connection with Sex

Prostate and its Connection

Ask men what they know about their prostate and the answers you get will be quite depressing. At best men know they have one and that you can get (and die from) prostate cancer. Other than that, they will usually tell you that when you get older, your prostate makes you want to urinate more … Read more