What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is usually performed with Nuru gel. It is an gel with many special characteristics, making it one of the best gels used by masseurs in massage treatments. The massage gel used is odorless, transparent and transparent. Therefore, it is favored by many massage therapists because it will not affect their clients, especially those … Read more

Learn Prostate Massage Milking Intense Orgasm Stimulation

*** Prostate Massage Techniques E-Book pdf (VALUE OF $19.95) In-depth ebook where Marcella shares all of her knowledge and techniques she has learned from over 7 years of providing prostate massages from her studio.Learn step by step everything you need to know to master prostate massage, prostate milking and prostate stimulation. *** Prostate Massage Videos … Read more

Human Touch is very important to our happiness and well being.

Why does a friendly or supportive touch have such universal and positive effects? What’s happening in our brains and bodies that accounts for this magic? Skin Deep? To understand this, we’ll start on the outside — with the skin. It’s our largest organ, covering about 20 square feet, which is about the size of a … Read more

Prostate Massage as Sexual Practice

From the perspective of a man who has experienced a prostate massage, it is possible to show couples how to use a prostate massage as part of their sexual experience. That is aside from the health benefits which is uncovered in another article “Everything You Want to Know About Prostate Massage”. It brings forth plenty … Read more

Everything You Want to Know About Prostate Massage

Know About Prostate Massage: In the proliferating world, we live in, everybody is hurrying along through work, home and extracurricular activities. Health is often the last thing on people’s minds. Least of all, prostate health. Many men find anal penetration difficult to accept or imagine. Before a proctologist visit, they literally shake their cheeks and … Read more

Prostate Facts and Information

Prostate Facts and Information tell it is not surprising that more and more men are interested in improving their male orgasm. For hundreds of years women have enjoyed the quest to make their orgasms more enjoyable so it’s only fair that men get to have better orgasms too! Men of all ages, races, sexual orientations … Read more

6 Top Tips To Build Intimacy in a Long Term Relationship

Have you ever know about Tips To Build Intimacy and have ever looked at another couple and wondered how they manage to look so “connected” and in love even though they have been together what seems like ages? It is quite amazing how other couples often look so constantly in love while you might be … Read more

Top Tips To Maintain A Powerful Erection

Here are some great tips on how to maintain a powerful erection. An interesting piece of information that you might or might not know or realize is that a man of fifty-plus can perform better than a thirty-year-old. How is that possible? The answer is simple and no, it’s not by using Viagra. Take a … Read more

Whats wrong with my prostate? 4 Steps to heal your prostate.

By following these steps you will experience MAJOR optimization to heal your prostate. There are 4 major reasons why your prostate is in need of healing: POOR LYMPHATIC HEALTH Your lymphatic system is responsible for both the detoxificat ion and immunity of your prostate gland. Cellular changes and inflammation (enlargement / swelling) of your prostate … Read more