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About Sensual Massage

The Studio offers a tranquil luxurious oasis for clients wanting to re-balance and reconnect with their own bodies. Rated first class by many Clients, it offers exceptionally clean bathroom facilities, complimentary light refreshments and a custom massage table. Once you arrive, you are greeted with a relaxing tranquil environment, a perfect place to unwind and escape your busy schedule for some first class pampering. We specialise in sensual massage Melbourne.

Marcella offers Tantric-Taoist bodywork sessions, also known as sensual, erotic or tantric massage.  She also provides Men’s Prostate massage & Ladies Sacred Yoni massage, all sessions are beautiful in their own unique ways and are ideal for beginners and first time experiences. Her technique is gentle and guided, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy the experience in a soothing tranquil environment.
* Mens Prostate Massage Therapy including Guided Sessions for First Timers.
Make sure your first experience is a positive one.

Find out why she is regarded as one of the best Prostate Therapists in Melbourne.

* Ladies Yoni Massage – Allow yourself to surrender to the moment and enjoy the pleasure of being massaged gently and lovingly. the full focus will be on awakening the beautiful, radiant, and amazing woman you truly are! 

*Marcella also facilitates private & small group workshops that are ideal for couples interested in improving their skill of intimate touch and who want to learn the art form of giving a tantric erotic massage.
Positive feedback received has been that the workshops are insightful, educational and are a great experience.

She caters for Men & Ladies in Melbourne and has a preference for Clients aged 30+ that are mature minded individuals seeking to simply enjoy the whole journey with her magical hands!

She welcomes people from all different Nationalities, and caters for wheelchair-bound Clients.

Please note: Marcella is very selective when choosing Clientele.
First time bookings will be rejected from People that appear to be as follows:
* Under age requirements /immature
* Under influence of illegal substances
* Wearing dirty clothes & workboots upon arrival

Second time bookings will be rejected from People that appear to be as follows:
* Inappropriate behaviour where boundaries have to be reinforced during the session
* Poor personal hygiene

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Available via Appointment only on a rotating roster. Please visit the link below to view her availability.