What is Urban Tantra?

Urban Tantra is without so much of the new-agey instruction. It covers Basic Tantra concepts of sacred sexuality for those seeking Mind & Body connection during intimacy. The beauty of Urban Tantra is the simplicity – breathe, stay present, give totally, receive totally, and be responsible for your own pleasure. When you bring those things … Read more

How To Have a Breath and Energy Orgasm – Urban Tantra Method

How To Have a Breath and Energy Orgasm – Urban Tantra Method Lie comfortably on your back, with your knees up and your feet flat on the floor. Keep your spine straight. Don’t use a pillow. Relax your jaw. Yawn. Keep the back of your throat open. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through … Read more

Urban Tantra Experience: Breath, Ecstasy, & Something More

Urban Tantra Experience

Urban Tantra Experience: Breath, Ecstasy, & Something More 26-27 October 2019 in Melbourne, Australia In this weekend workshop with Barbara Carrellas, you’ll discover how conscious breath can help you reveal and realise your Something More. This weekend we will breathe. We will breathe in Permission. We will breathe in Possibilities. We will breathe: to release … Read more

Couples Sensual Tantric Massage Classes

Couples sensual MASSAGE workshops Looking for a new experience to share together or a unique Gift Idea? Learning how to massage your Partner is a great way to relax together and reconnect your loving energy. If you are feeling adventurous, I offer private tuition to couples wanting to advance their skills in Tantric bodywork for … Read more

Top Tips To Maintain A Powerful Erection

Here are some great tips on how to maintain a powerful erection. An interesting piece of information that you might or might not know or realize is that a man of fifty-plus can perform better than a thirty-year-old. How is that possible? The answer is simple and no, it’s not by using Viagra. Take a … Read more