The tantra ritual massage for women

Whats a tantra ritual massage for women?

Feel invited and welcome to let yourself be pampered like a goddess, or like a delicate flower that carefully comes to bloom with a gentle touch. I create a space for you in which you can be completely as a woman with everything that belongs to you. I accompany you on the way to sensuality and offer you a safe framework. Have confidence and enjoy! 

You may come into contact with your innermost feelings through this deep experience. Feelings that you may not have felt for a long time, or have never been able to experience in this way. I am there for you, and whatever wants to flow may flow.

I give you the time and my presence so that you can simply feel good. Accept and enjoy.

They are accompanied by soft music, as warm oil caress your skin and fragrant essential oil scents envelop you. A gentle intimate massage is harmoniously included, whereby my main concern is to bring you into contact with your sexual energy. You can just enjoy yourself without doing anything and nothing is expected. You determine the limits. I respect them.

This ritual is suitable for all women who want to get to know their body even better, who simply wan t to treat themselves to something special, for anyone who would like to enjoy a lot of tenderness and security, as well as for women with special problems such as fear of contact.

Guide to Tantric Breathing

Breathing is an integral part of tantra and very useful during a tantra ritual massage for women.
It can allow you to completely and freely let go of both mental and physical tension. This will tremendously enhance your yoni massage experience and allow you to take in all the spiritual and therapeutic benefits so it should definitely not be overlooked.
The following yoni breathing technique is designed to draw blood up towards and into the vagina, which will enhance your yoni massage. Note: use this breathwork technique also with a partner, You can both perform the breathwork techniques together in synchronization.

  1. Start by sitting upright (facing each other if with a partner)
  2. Exhale very deeply concentrating the energy in the belly area
  3. Close the mouth then inhale softly through the nostrils
  4. Hold the breath for six seconds
  5. Exhale completely for six seconds through the mouth and lower abdomen
  6. Repeat this exercise up to 3 times

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