What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage

Nuru massage is usually performed with Nuru gel. It is an gel with many special characteristics, making it one of the best gels used by masseurs in massage treatments. The massage gel used is odorless, transparent and transparent. Therefore, it is favored by many massage therapists because it will not affect their clients, especially those who are allergic to odors. One of the reasons why masseurs like the clear gel is that it can be used for different people without any side effects.

What do I need to buy for a Nuru massage?

A lubricating gel or oil that makes it easier for the two bodies to slide. But the best gel to use is Nuru gel. This is a lubricant gel specially developed for this type of massage. Seaweed, and it is particularly suitable for longer massages. Many lubricants dry quickly, which makes Nuru Gel a suitable alternative. It is also transparent and odorless and easy to wash. Nor does it matter that the gel develops fine threads as soon as the bodies start moving towards each other.

What exactly does a nuru massage look like?

First, the slippery gel is gently spread over the entire body. This is the first exotic contact and it is the first opportunity to massage selected body parts, then the full body massage begins, what is important is that only the body is really used as a massage tool. The other person slides along the wet body. They also move. Body contact can be more intense in erogenous zones. Gentle pressure is particularly exciting. At first, the slippery touch can be a bit strange. discover new movements and new feelings.

Nuru massage is a massage therapy that involves body-to-body contact, sliding body to body, creating this type of romantic sensual massage. The gel used in the massage should be so slippery that the partner can glide over the other partner.

Why Couples should do Nuru Massage

Because nuru massage is pleasant, it not only relaxes the couple’s body, but also relieves psychological stress. Couples who understand the benefits of this massage use it as a habit in their lives. The above-mentioned benefits of Nuru massage is undoubtedly one of the modern methods to relieve mental stress, not only for couples, but also for other people. This is why it is becoming more and more popular in all walks of life today. Even those who have never regarded it as an indispensable part of their lives realize that it can do miracles in their lives and are now practicing.

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