G-spot massage and female ejaculation aka Squirting.

G-Spot massage

G-spot massage and female ejaculation aka Squirting. The so-called G-spot, named after the German gynaecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, is rather an erogenous zone, which in some women can protrude into the upper vaginal vault like a chandelier. In terms of sensations, when receiving a detailed Yoni massage, you will surely notice a big difference between the upper and lower vaginal walls. This is due to the fact that the upper vaginal wall is directly connected to urethral swelling tissue and the highly sensitive glands contained therein. It is more like a surface that runs through our upper vaginal wall like a dragon’s body and is very essential and lustful for our sexuality.

In this dragon-like glandcomplex, however, there is actually a point that truly has it in it and is far more intense than the surrounding area. The most interesting theory on this point is that the nerves that make the clitoris bead lust run past this point, which is called the G-spot, on the way to the spine. This is located in the Yoni in the area of the upper front wall of the Yoni canal, about 2.5 to 5 centimeters from the entrance. (see image below) . The feature of the G-spot is that the tissue feels ribbed at this point, while the rest of the yoni wall is smooth.

Furthermore, there is a nerve connection between the G-spot and the bladder, which often gives the wrong impression that the woman has to uriuse during stimulation in this area.

female ejaculation (aka squirting)

Gspt-massage female problems

In sexual arousal, the urethral swelling tissue is strongly blooded, at very high arousal, a fluid can escape from the urethral canal, which resembles the male prostate fluid and is therefore referred to as a female ejaculate.

Female ejaculation (aka squirting) may not only be a few leaking droplets, but also downright fountains. Women who ejaculate for the first time are sometimes frightened because they think they are urinating. However, the liquid differs significantly from the urine in smell and consistency. It is rather odourless and leaves no yellow spots. Ejaculate is described by most women as a decidedly lustful experience, as it happens in a moment of complete devotion when all control is released.