Woman’s orgasm – Tantra massage for women

Tantra massage

Woman’s orgasm – Tantra massage for women

During the lovemaking with yourself, with a partner, or when receiving an Yoni Massage your Yoni expands in width and length, it becomes wet, slippery and receptive. Their Yoni opening is exposed, the inner lips swell significantly and get a red color. The clitoris fills with blood and your pearl slowly grows to twice its circumference.

At the same time, your uterus begins to drag into the abdomen. It also swells and increases in size. Her nipples straighten up and turn dark. You now start moving your pelvis down and forward as your fingers and toes bend. Breathing becomes faster and the pulse increases. The sexual tension builds up throughout the body and is now waiting to reach the climax

The slower and more intense the movements, the stronger your feelings of pleasure can become. The orgasm approaches when tension and lust cause the entire muscle strand between Venus bone and coccyx to cause a series of contractions. These contractions begin there in the sexual area and gradually spread throughout the body. They create an increased urge in you, thus to arrive at redemption, relaxation, which ultimately leads to orgasm. Expansion and contraction are the poles that culminate in sexual climax, orgasm.

From happiness to having an orgasm

Orgasm is the unconditional devotion to life. They fall into the flow of life and give up all control. It is a way to make something “greater” work through you and feel your own strength and energy. Many discover a new creativity in their orgasm, which can be reflected in art and in their own way of life. But above all, orgasm is simply incredibly healthy for all areas of our being. For our physical health, our psyche, our courage to live and our desire to participate in life.

There is almost nothing that orgasms could not be used for healing purposes. Whether as a sleep pill or antidepressant, as an anti-aging course or for stress relief thanks to released dopamine. By activating the nucleus accumbens in the brain, an increased feeling of well-being is prepared in us, which raises our mood. Yes, even pain can be reduced by the release of endorphins during orgasms, which has a relieving effect especially on migraines and headaches. By increasing blood oxygen, our body cells and organs are vitalized and the woman rejuvenates overall not only physically, but also mentally and mentally.

Vaginal and clitoral orgasm

From my many years of experience as a bodyworker, I know that most women find a combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation most beautiful. The orgasms after “only” clitoral stimulation are described as explosive, pointed, exciting and short. Orgasms after “only” vaginal stimulation, on the other hand, are, according to the women’ words, worn, wide, soft, deep and long-lasting. An orgasm triggered by the combination of vaginal and clitoral stimulation is experienced as the most intense and fulfilling orgasm.

My Yoni massages are designed in such a way that both the stimulation of the clitoris and the stimulation of the internal area can be experienced emotionally on their own, before the clitoris and Tinternal work are combined. A fun and deepening journey that is worthwhile.

Orgasm problems

Orgasm problems are often linked to a certain expectation, control, inability to let go or fears. This make it difficult to perceive and/or even allow erotic-sexual feelings as such. But only when women turn to a person without expectation and openly can healing space arise. When you receive my Yoni massage, you have plenty of time to slowly open up at your pace. You don’t have to meet expectations and achieving an orgasm is not the priority.

Sexuality can be learned by every woman as soon as she makes a clear decision not to let herself be determined by fear, but to focus her attention on her desire, her potential and the beauty inherent in her.

As with letting go in general, you need a place to feel safe, unrushed setting and a bodywork that is patient and intuitive. The Yoni massage can slowly resolve injuries and blockages, making room for new and beautiful experiences that will enrich and delight your sex life.