Benefits of Sensual and Erotic Massage

It will come in many names, sensual massage generally known as erotic massage, and also tantric massage. Sensual massage is performed as a sexual remedy to stimulate libido as well as having many health benefits. It really is of Eastern and Taoist origins and is known as an art form that has been practiced for a long time.

Sensual massage might help one forget about inhibitions it can also educate you on to let go of inhibitions and appreciate that the body is a robust and wonderful instrument of pleasure and enjoyment. We were all born naked, and as small children we were happy and free – until society told us it had been ‘wrong’. There is absolutely no shame in one’s naked form and function.

Research implies that massage increases the production of endorphins within your body while allowing your muscles to relax. Dopamine and serotonin are also released during erotic massage sessions. They are the body’s natural relaxers and feel-good hormones. Sensual massage are therefore great for more than just pleasure – but also a healthy well being. What isn’t so well-known is the health benefits of erotic massage. It stimulates circulation and relaxes muscles in much the same way as a standard massage – but it’s way more fun!”

Benefits of Sensual and Erotic Massage

Apart from assuring that bodily pains are healed, sensual massage can in fact help enhance relationships, “Sensual massage includes a number of benefits for relationship partners. If you’ve been married for a long time, are starting a fresh relationship, or certainly are a single person participating in short-term love affairs – erotic massage is a good way to relax and make your self available to your partner’s feelings. It enhances your capability to experience pleasure – which strengthens the partnership you have with your partner. Figure out how to most probably and aware of your own feelings and emotions, and those of your partner. This encourages deeper healing on a great many other levels.”

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