Prostate Massage as Sexual Practice

From the perspective of a man who has experienced a prostate massage, it is possible to show couples how to use a prostate massage as part of their sexual experience. That is aside from the health benefits which is uncovered in another article “Everything You Want to Know About Prostate Massage”.

It brings forth plenty of pressure coupled with an abundance of pleasure. However, it comes in waves that cannot be pointed to specific body parts. It is entirely different compared to someone playing with your penis. Then it is a localized sensation. Most men explain a prostate massage at first as the sensation that they get when an orgasm starts building up and begins. However, this awesome feeling you get when an orgasm begins continues throughout the massage.

Men, could you imagine experiencing an orgasm beginning – for a prolonged period? That sounds like serious fun!

The prostate, from a practical perspective, is the hard lump you will feel when you stick your finger in your anus and press on the walls. It is part of a glandular and muscle tissue that secretes seminal fluid that mixes with your sperm. The muscle of the prostate is to push the fluid to mix with the sperm in the urethra.

When a man ejaculates, the millions of sperm cells move through tubes from the testes to the prostate area. The prostate contracts at this point close off the opening between the urethra and the bladder. It releases the prostate fluid, pushing the semen through. A third of semen is made up of the prostate fluid. It contains citric acid, zinc and various enzymes.

The main function is storing and releasing semen and not as a gland that evolved for gay sex. This is why most men that have had a prostate massage say that prostate stimulation during ejaculation gives immense pleasure.

When a prostate massage is used for sexual stimulation, you will experience an orgasm. Many like to refer to the prostate as the G-Spot for males. Many men can reach orgasm purely through a prostate massage or anal intercourse. Stimulation of the prostate can produce a more powerful and much stronger orgasm than penile stimulation.

Prostate Massage in Sexual Context

When you look at the number of products and equipment on the sex toy market, it’s clear that couples are encouraged to try prostate massage. Couples that do not use toys and anal devices, use their fingers for penetration and massage to enhance orgasms. A prostate massage can be self-massage (if your finger reaches) or with a partner. Many men prefer a partner to stimulate them during foreplay or during intercourse.

Good advice to give couples that are unfamiliar with prostate massage is to book a couples tantric massage workshop and get Marcella to show you how to perform a prostate massage correctly. The main issue most men and women might have is the unknown. Are you on the right spot, will it be painful, how to penetrate for the first time, etc? When you haven’t had a prostate massage before it is wise to consult a professional massage therapist. She will explain it to you, make you feel comfortable and you will be relaxed. During a couple’s sex workshop, both will learn more about doing a prostate massage for the first time.

Both must be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. A tantric massage with a long-lasting and soft massage all over your body will achieve this. A pleasant aromatherapy oil will help promote relaxation. Place a pillow under your partner’s hips, lying on his back to have eye contact and creating connection throughout the massage.

After the full body massage, spread his legs to have access to his sexual organs. Give him a lingam massage but do not take him to orgasm. Before you start a prostate massage keep in mind that you want to keep everything as sensual as possible. It is a means to worship the body, lingam and prostate of your partner. Another very important factor, do not be afraid of failure, a prostate massage isn’t about orgasm, but connection and intimacy when doing it in a sexual context.

You can massage his penis with a stable, but gentle rotation, holding it below the head. It will stand up and soften and move to the scrotum by gently massaging and pulling before you return to the lingam. Allow him the pleasure of bringing him closer to orgasm and you automatically relax him completely, feeling cared for a loved.

You know your partner; you will know when he is relaxed enough for the sacred part of the massage. Use enough lubrication and find his prostate, very gently. It is a small part above the anus and below the scrotum. Your partner will sense the unusual pressure and might tell you he needs to “go” (to the toilet, obviously). He will adjust and get used to the pressure though. He will start to be comfortable as his excitement rises. Especially when performing a prostate massage for the first time, possibly after you have been to a massage therapist, move with your free hand to his lingam.

Gently continue and press the prostate when ejaculation approaches. He will experience the type of orgasm that he has never experienced before if it is his first prostate massage.